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Young People's Song Book


Vocab Spreadsheet (with Mnemonics), Flashcard Program:

Download link:  

Older Version (v1.2):

Older Version (v1.1):

The link above contains a Windows Installer file with the following:
   Spreadsheet, (Greek + Hebrew + mnemonics).
       - The spreadsheet has flashcard-like testing built in.
       - You can print off hard copies of all the flashcards.
   Flashcard program (greek_hebrew_flash.exe) to test from spreadsheet.
       - Imports data from .csv spreadsheets.
       - You can select according to frequency and test accordingly.

Books Used:
  Mitchel: A Student's Vocabulary for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic.
  Scott, Dean, Sparks, Lazar: Reading New Testament Greek.
  Seow, C.L.: A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (Revised Edition).

Future plans for this spreadsheet:  (1) Finish transferring my Greek mnemonics (verbs and nouns) to this spreadsheet in the future.  At present, the spreadsheet only has Greek mnemonics from frequency 47 down to 10.


Note that in Logos you can download and print flash cards for vocabulary lists here: 

Included Grammars (in particular) on LOGOS web-page are:
  Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek.
  Machen, New Testament Greek for Beginners.
  Seow, C.L.: A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (Revised Edition).


 Popling ( is a fairly good site which I have used to maintain my vocabulary.  However, now I use my own program which you can download above.  See link below Vocab Spreadsheet.

  Other Stuff: