Wheres Matt ? ?

Apart from most Friday Nights at club in Todwick, Matt cues all over the UK and Beyond, if you want to dance to him below is a list in date order of where you can find him

9th June 2018 Viking Squares

23rd June 2018 Northern Area Event
30th June 2018 Matt's Twirlin' 2 Steppers on the Road
21st June 2018 European Convention (Amsterdam)

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(Matt was a late booking for this event so isn't on the poster , but can be found in Hall 1 in the afternoon)
13th October 2018 Viking Squares

20th October 2018 Martin Prufer 30th Jubilee (Munich)

19th January 2019 Winter Extravaganza 4 for Prostate Cancer UK

Easter 2020 - Australian National Convention (Blue Mountains NSW)
More details will be published when known