Matt's choreography

Matt writes a lot of his own dances and adapts others to give them his own spin below are copies of these some in Long Cue Form and some in Short Cue Form please feel free to download them and use them in your own clubs

Cha Cha

Bad Long Cue Sheet V1.1.docx
Bad Phase 4
Bad Phase 3 + 1.docx
Bad Phase 3 + 1
Boney M Long Cues.docx
Boney M Mega Mix Phase 4

Two Step

TS P2+1 Skinney Genes.docx
Skinney Genes Phase 2 + 1
Dr Wanna Do.rtf
Dr Wannado Phase 2
Love Me Do.rtf
Love Me Do Phase 2 + 1
That's Living Alright 2.rtf
That's Living Alright Phase 2


BEG R 20 How Deep Is Your Love.rtf
How Deep Is Your Love Phase 3
One Call Away Phase 3.rtf
One Call Away Phase 3 + 1
One Day In My Life.rtf
One Day In My Life Phase 4 + 2


A Taste of Honey.rtf
A Taste of Honey Phase 3 + 1