Supporting good causes


Over the past 4 years Matt has organised 4 events to raise money for Prostate Cancer (UK) with the help of his parents and son. The first 2 under his former club Whirl and Twirl RDC, the later 2 under Matt's Twirlin' 2 Steppers. The first 3 events have raised in excess of £6,500 and we look forward to raising even more this January.

2 dances, 1 cause

1 in the North, 1 in the South

In 2018 Neil Whiston asked me to help him raise some money for his Nephew's Fiancee Jade who has Hodgkins Lymphonia and needed to raise £50,000 for medication. So we organised 2 dances one in the South and one in the North and we raised £1602 and as at the 4th Jan' 2019, Jade has raised £45,465