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Round Dancing

Round Dancing is a non competitive form choreographed ballroom dancing. It is a social, non-competitive activity, for fun and friendship. Dancers are directed by round dance cuers, (similar to square dance or barn dance callers). They guide the dancers through a routine eliminating the need to memorize the whole dance. There is no need for perfection as dancing is for fun while at the same time being challenging for the mind and body. 

The main difference between Round Dancing and Sequence Dancing apart from the cuer is that we dance of different beats in the music Rounds dance off the first beat, while Sequence dance from on the second beat.

Rhythms include Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Twostep, Jive and Tango to name just a few. Using Mordern as well as classic music ranging from 1950's to the 2010's. 

Round Dancers individual dance steps with their figure name, building up a repertoire of figures. When the music is played the dancers follow the cues provided by the Cuer. This makes Round Dancing especially unique.

Round Dancing is no harder than many other activities. New dancers don't  have to of danced before, others may danced in other styles, they can be of all ages and some even have 2 left feet. Round Dance Clubs and Leaders always try their best to gauge the skill level of each dancer, so each can find their own “comfort zone”.

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