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Opinion of the Week (May. 2430, 2015)

Review: Tomorrowland (2015)  8+ 

If you like Disney, Disneyland, science-fiction, Brad Bird, and George Clooney, then this probably sounds very much like the movie for you. George Clooney is probably the one out of those five that I like the most moderately, but he is a respectable A-list actor. And I love the other four: Disney is quite possibly the greatest company in the world, not just greatest movie-making company. Disneyland, you know, is basically the happiest place on Earth. Science-fiction movies are my kind of movies that celebrate science and imagination. And Brad Bird is an incredible director, famous for his most worthy movie, my favorite movie, The Incredibles. If you combine Disney, Disneyland, and science-fiction, you get a concept known as "Tomorrowland," previously known only as a certain area within Disneyland, which celebrates Walt Disney's optimism in the future and mankind's developing ideas that make the world a better place, even if science-fiction means fictional imaginations of scientific concepts. And then comes Brad Bird, who decides to make a movie about an imaginary utopia full of genius scientific breakthroughs (a "San Fransokyo" like society that Walt Disney himself would want to live in; see my review for Big Hero 6), and George Clooney joins the cast. I really believe this is a movie that should attract the attention of all film fanatics. And yet, most of the movie isn't really told from the point of view of Mr. Clooney's character; enter youngster Britt Robertson as Casey Newton, who really feels like the main character, and both the actress and character are likeable. And yet, neither of those two actors do the best acting in the movie; enter youngster Raffey Cassidy as Athena, a humanoid robot girl, who sometimes feels like a helper and sometimes seems like a villain, who really brings believable humanlike and robotlike qualities to a satisfying performance. And yet, altogether it feels like Brad Bird is the direct owner of this movie; he co-wrote it as well as directed. One of the best scenes is one in which Casey visits a sci-fi memorabilia shop, and some of Mr. Bird's old projects, such as The Iron Giant and The Incredibles, as well as other popular franchises, like Star Wars and Star Trek, have artifacts in the shop. And Mr. Bird's story ideas, from its unique concept, from various ways to transport to Tomorrowland, to an interesting National Treasure sort of Eiffel Tower element, to its message, are altogether mind-blowing and inspiring. But maybe I should mention that with all these positive comments, I don't think this is a perfect movie. Some protagonist/antagonist conflicts are a little unclear, and the movie contains more violence and language issues than I think fit the universal Disney audience.


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