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Review: Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (2016) <7-> 

For years, people have talked about the possibility of a third Ghostbusters movie, with talks starting ever since the second one came out. And I've been interested in such talks ever since I watched the two movies. I guess some of the participants in the earlier movies were reluctant to participate for a third time, which explains why this movie was made many years after Ghostbusters II. The suggestion was brought up for the original characters to pass the Ghostbusting torches to new characters, and I would have supported the idea of the new characters to be played by Jack Black or Will Ferrell or people in those styles. Then someone had the idea to make a new remake or reboot with the characters gender-swapped, and momentum officially took off. The four new Ghostbusters are all women, with a male secretary/receptionist character, and this idea might be met with mixed opinions, but I support the idea. These characters are not gender specific, and actresses, especially comediennes, fit as well into the roles as actors do. I'm not entirely familiar with the filmographies or acting styles of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, or Leslie Jones, because they mostly act in Saturday Night Live episodes and R-rated comedies, which I usually don't watch, but I approve of the casting. But the whole question ends up being what is the quality of the story and the comedy once these new cast members contribute to all of it? Well, it's a fun kind of story with a quirky kind of humor, and because of my approval of the new style, I was optimistic throughout the movie, and that optimism ended up strengthening my perception of the end result. But it did unleash a kind of dumbness to it. So my opinion of it went from thinking it had a fairly effective beginning to an ending that made me believe and understand that other people might think of it as a more-or-less bad movie. There's a kind of intelligence that the characters have, but they still mix that with an occasional amount of dumbness. The secretary/receptionist, played by Chris Hemsworth, plays a character that is probably the dumbest he's ever played or ever will play, but I'm not going to deny the charm that he has, so I'm still giving positive points. The humor's not hilarious, but I did laugh quite a few times, with an awkward and goofy grin on my face almost throughout the whole movie. The story's not a clever story, but it parallels the original movie in a way that pays tribute to it, and it's still got its decent plot formation elements. And the music is good, with a new version or two of the hit Ghostbusters theme song, which it couldn't be without. So I may admit that it's less good than the two earlier Ghostbusters movies, but I still give it an upward thumb.


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