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Opinion of the Week (Nov. 27 ‒ Dec. 3, 2016)

Review: Moana (2016) <7+

This was a good Disney movie to look forward to for a while. It's more about an ancient culture than about an imaginary setting that many Disney movies recently have been about. That culture is the south Pacific and Polynesia, and it feels good that Disney picked this location for its setting for the first time. I like the character design and that we can see the Disney style in the appearance of the movie, as well as the Disney feeling of magic that exists in the setting, that of Polynesian myth/legend, with a demigod character who can shape-shift into various animals with the help of a large magical fish hook, and also with magical sea and monster effects. Unfortunately, this movie and its plot as a whole didn't entertain me or make me laugh or feel inspired or emotional like other recent Disney movies have. Some aspects of the movie had moderate quality. The story line isn't too long or too short, but plot elements pull in different directions in a way that feels like the action is taking place later in the story than it should. The movie is an hour and 47 minutes long, which is longer than the average animated movie length, which is okay. It's a musical, and the songs are fine, but it's not as memorable as the average Disney musical. I like that there are quite a few non-human characters in this movie, including, to start with, a pig and a chicken; this feels like Disney to me. But these two animals don't have names that are clearly spoken to the audience, and the pig doesn't come along with Moana on her adventure. The chicken does, and this is a mentally handicapped chicken who provides a few laughs, but it doesn't do anything else that's deeply interesting. I'm not a big fan of tattoos, but they're more culturally acceptable in the Polynesian setting that the movie takes place in than in the America I live in, and there's something I love about the animated Maui tattoo character on Maui's skin; this feels like Disney to me. And I hope everyone who sees this movie realizes and never forgets that in this movie, the ocean itself is a character, my favorite character in this movie, a character who thinks and chooses and makes its own twists and turns; this feels like Disney to me. And then there are also some little coconut pirates, a giant crab character, and a lava monster, all that have their varying degrees of interesting-ness and Disney-ness. My wish is that there were more monsters, not all too scary-looking for the kids, but enough to keep things moving at an action-steady pace, and I realize that's a hard balance to keep. So it all adds up to a moderate movie to Disney standards. This is the 200th Disney movie I've seen, and this is the 50th feature that I've seen from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Coincidentally, as of this typing, it right now falls in the middle of both of those lists from best to worst, #100 out of the 200, and #25 out of the 50.


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