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Opinion of the Week (Jun. 19‒24, 2017)

Review: Cars 3 (2017) <8-

I have some positive and negative criticisms for this movie, positive that it's a Pixar movie with traditionally good Pixar animation, with good characters.  It's the third Cars movie, and I now feel that I've gotten used to these car-shaped characters, and I have both positive and negative feelings for that.  The new characters that weren't in the franchise before are okay here.  Before I move on to my negative criticisms, I want to say that Pixar has a talented knack for including heartily good emotional content in their movies, and the biggest value in Cars 3 may be the emotional resolution towards the end.  Okay now, if you look at my rating for this movie, that I give it an 8-, and if you look just at the positive that I've just mentioned, you might think that this is an above-average movie.  And it is, kind of.  But if you know me and how I think about Pixar, you might notice that this is only an 8-, a very below-average Pixar movie, in fact now the least good Pixar movie on my list.  Here's why I think this.  There's no mention of the events in Cars 2, so no Finn McMissile or Holley Shiftwell, no mention of the fact that Mater has some super-spy experience in his trunk, no mention of the international travels that any of these characters undertook in that installment.  And that causes me to think, when people gave Cars 2 Pixar's least-good reviews, did that get in the heads of Pixar's chiefs?  Did the Pixar chiefs react to Cars 2's negative (or what's next-closest to negative) response, and feel a necessity to do what they considered to be damage control?  I don't think that's a good thing for Pixar to do.  It looks like after going from 1 to 2, they felt they needed to take a step backward, and go back more to the style of 1.  That means more talk about Chick Hicks and Doc Hudson, more of the ordinary circular racetracks instead of the scenic and squiggly racetracks, and the detours that get in the way of the final resolution.  There's music by Randy Newman, like in the first, instead of Michael Giacchino, like in the second.  Sometimes it sounds right to go back to the successful first style after an unsuccessful second style, but when done that way, it leaves a gaping eyesore in the middle for all to see, that admits that Pixar has a fault.  That's pretty bothersome to my Pixar-purist mindset.  I agree that Cars 2 is less good than Cars, but in my opinion, what Cars 3 should have done was acknowledge what the first and second were, used that, and take an extra step forward.  Cars 3 should have been about racing, mixed with spying, mixed with something else.  I can't say what that "something else" should have been.  Or maybe Cars 3 was an unnecessary movie to make.  But now that all these three Cars movies exist, I now think maybe there should be a 4th Cars movie, and I want that movie to have music by both Randy Newman and Michael Giacchino, with a cast of characters including Lightning McQueen, Mater, Chick Hicks, Finn McMissile, Jackson Storm, and more, all interacting with each other in an extraordinary and well-developed international racing/spying story combined with more that what you can imagine right now, in a way that ties a lot of elements together and makes all four Cars movies important to all the others.  It sounds like that asks a lot from Pixar, but making a sequel that makes all parts better is a skill that Pixar has demonstrated before and will likely demonstrate again.


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