About Me

People don't fit in boxes (except refrigerator boxes).


I know I'm weird.

So, I could pretend to be normal, but I know I'm not. As I created this site I began to realize how eclectic I really am ... but there's no time for me to go into my eccentricities here. Here are some of the basics about me:

My name is Matt.

I just graduated from Pepperdine with a B.A. in Religion

I like coffee (good coffee, not Starbucks)

I play the guitar and sing

I love art (especially post-Impressionism and Expressionism)

Existentialism piques my interest

Theology is my passion

I studied in London my sophomore year

I like bananas, raspberries, and Nutella (separate and together)

I love poetry (especially from the early twentieth century)

I like Brit Rock (and I'm not ashamed to like Coldplay)

I'm sort of Emo (I really don't mean to be--it just happens)

I drive a red VW Golf named Dart

There's so much more to tell that does not fit in this little box (see quote at top of page). If you're interested in reading some of my thoughts, please visit my blog: markedtheology.blogspot.com

A few pictures of me: