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North West Fife Fancy Canary Club Show 2010

Rainford Civic Hall

Sunday 24 October 2010

Judges Engaged: Mr D Lumsden , Mr A McEwan , Mr T Green


Main Awards:

Best Fife Canary In Show                 Clarke & Gillott - Heavily Variegated Yellow Hen  
Best Champion Fife Canary in Show  Clarke & Gillott - Heavily Variegated Yellow Hen  
Best Novice Fife Canary in Show       Herd & Sommerville - Variegated Yellow Hen    


 The top table (before rosettes)                                            Clarke & Gilletts Best in Show

Champion Special Awards:

2nd Best Champion RobRoy Fifes - Green Yellow Hen
3rd Best Champion  Matt Eld - Clear Yellow Hen
4th Best Champion  T Carline - Vari Cinnamon Yellow Cock
5th Best Champion  T Carline - Varigated Yellow Hen
6th Best Champion  Clarke & Gillott - H/Var White Hen
7th Best Champion  B Ellwood - Vari White Cock

Best Of Colours Champion


Best Clear  Matt Eld - Clear Yellow Hen                      

2nd Best Clear Roby Roy Fifes  Clear Buff Hen                    

Best Variegated  T Carline - Vari Yellow Hen                 

2nd Best Variegated  T Carline - Vari Buff Hen          

Best Heavily Variegated Clarke & Gillott - H/Var Yellow Hen    

2nd Best Heavily Variegated  Clarke & Gillott - H/Var Yellow Cock   

Best Self Green RobyRoy Fifes - Green yellow hen                 

2nd Best Self Green Rob Roy Fifes - Green Buff Hen               

Best Self Cinnamon    H Parry - Self Buff Cock         

2nd Best Self Cinnamon   H Parry - Self Yellow Cock     

Best Variegated Cinnamon  T Carline - Var Yellow Cock

2nd Best Variegated Cinnamon G Spencer - Var Yellow Hen

Best White (incl Var) B Ellwood - Var White Cock          

2nd Best White (incl Var) G Wilson - Var White Hen  

Best Blue (incl TPD) Clarke & Gillott - H/Var White Hen

2nd Best Blue (incl TPD) I Whitehurst - H/Var White Cock

Novice Special Awards:

2nd Best Novice Herd & Sommerville - Self Green Yellow Cock
3rd Best Novice  P Glover - Self Blue Hen
4th Best Novice  J Timperley - Vari White Cock
5th Best Novice  G Holdsworth - H/Var Yellow Cock 

6th Best Novice  Herd & Sommerville - Cinnamon Yellow Hen

7th Best Novice  P Glover - Cinnamon Var Yellow Cock 

Best Of Colours Novice


Best Clear D Kenwright - Clear Yellow Hen                          

2nd Best Clear Herd & Sommerville -  Clear Yellow Cock                

Best Variegated Herd & Sommerville - Variegated Yellow Hen                

2nd Best Variegated A Duff - Vari Buff Hen             

Best Heavily Variegated G Holdsworth - H/Var Yellow Cock  

2nd Best Heavily Variegated   G Holdsworth - H/Var Buff Hen 

Best Self Green  Herd & Sommerville - Self Green Yellow Cock                

2nd Best Self Green  MR & Mrs R Shaw - Self Green Yellow Hen             

Best Self Cinnamon    Herd & Sommerville - Cinnamon Yellow Hen         

2nd Best Self Cinnamon     Herd & Sommerville - Cinnamon Yellow Cock    

Best Variegated Cinnamon  P Glover - Cinnamon Var Yellow Cock 

2nd Best Variegated Cinnamon A & S Kendall - Cinnamon Var Yellow Hen

Best White (incl Var)  J Timperley - Vari White Cock         

2nd Best White (incl Var) W Gammon - Vari White Hen

Best Blue (incl TPD) P Glover - Self Blue Hen

2nd Best Blue (incl TPD) W Gammon - Self Blue Cock