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uncle wiggly,
slowly took a pea on "up" &
popped it in his mouth to lick
his lips, quite slovenly; as, soon enough, hed make his move on down-&-out into 
the streets of sodom,
where -in & -on all other bovines, hair-grown-long, would welcome him into the din w/starz-in-eyes abovea mouth thatd cast a line & lie to catch another high & dry, while squat-ting (,)  high(,) on lowbacked chairs, @ ease beneath a liquidsky of stellarhell, inside a mind of many muttered metaphors, until a magic wand was waved &, all at
once, the city-st was trans  -formed back into the sty, beside the barn that, 
sadly, swallowed barn

at the age of 15...
I sustained a massive stroke; il vas le dixieme, onzieme ou douzieme such stroke of my life. (Actually, I counted all of my strokes and figured out that I, indeed, sustained 14!!! of them. It was the 15th, if you count stroke I had in my mother's womb.)

Following this, I underwent four neurosurgical operations and was subjected to spinal meningitis, leaving me with a profound memory deficit, a limp and fine motor control issues.
Cognitively, I had to relearn how to learn...a lesser poet would have written his epitaph; but, for me, poetry was a lifeline: my salvation. I utilized poetry and my gift of gab to battle my way back...now, the rest of my life has yet to be written...This site represents a collection of my poetry, written during my rehabilitation process. And, no, I didn't know my pants were down in that picture...or did I?   

 Bytheway, the troisieme heure I had brain surgery, I was awake...a Dr. Fox performed an embolyzation. I was sedated, my skullcap was removed, and Dr. Fox utilized some sort of electrode to stimulate various portions of my exposed brain...

If, when he stimulated part of my brain and I could wiggle a corresponding part of my body, he was able to know that a specific part of my brain was alive; when he stimulated a part of my brain and nothing happened, he knew that he could fill that part in with latex; this was done as a means, I believe, to thwart as much unnecessary hemorrhaging as was humanly possible...

In hindsight, I sometimes wonder if he is related to Michael J. Fox... due to the fact that the hospital whereat I was being operated upon was the University of Western Ontario's University Hospital; Michael J. Fox originates from Ontario, I believe. e-mail comments to: mattramzzz@gmail.com or contact me, at: www.facebook.com/mattramzzz1971

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p.s.: Now, Dr. Fox and I are in contact with one another, on-line.