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2. All Jazz Refill

This is a package to supplement Matt Otten's Jazz Exercises: 5 complete jazz tunes, mainstream jazz, swing, latin, waltz, with 10 complete solos (written and played), 5 backing tracks, midi files, TABS, notation and a guide to the solos with many playing tips and explanations.

Watch a flash presentation here or watch the video below. There is also a brief introduction here.

Beware that this is not for beginners. If you are a beginning improviser, it is recommended to start with the Jazz Exercises package.

If you do not own the Jazz Exercises package with the midi Fretboard Visualizer plug-in, you can still use all materials: the guitar midi files, audio (mp3) and TABS/notation (pdf) are all general formats.

New: for those who do not have the fretboard plug-in, or MacOS users that cannot use it, the fretboard display is also available in video format, on the CD version only.

Buy the CD for $30,- (excl shipping, $ 7) by using email or Paypal to place your CD order. Get 10,- off plus save on shipping when you buy 2 CDs at the same time. Get 15 off when you buy 3 CD's.
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All Jazz Refill


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