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- Private Lessons -

Private lessons are now available on Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday evening.
Price 35,- Euro / hour

Skype lessons are possible as well ($40/h).
You can take regular Skype lessons to or just a single one:
If you have a question like; "show me how to play Beautiful Love in chord melody" you can book a lesson for that.
If you want steady progress, regular lessons is the best option.

(Please take into account Central European Time)

The Lesson Room
Prive lessen zijn weer mogelijk op maandag-, dinsdag- of woensdagavond.
Plaats: Voorburg
Prijs: 35,- Euro per uur.

Contact Matt for more information.

.... so some day you can be in the charts too.....

New: if you prefer recorded video lessons on a requested topic or tune, that is possible as well.
Typically, the cost is about $40 for a half-hour recorded lesson, depending on your request.