Technology Resources

Free Online Textbooks
-Easy to download.  Aligned to the California State Standards.  Free

Free Audiobooks

-Free audiobooks from the public domain.  People volunteer to read, so some are amazing and some are not.

Sites to Encourage Writing
-Students get 1 free movie per email.  They choose the characters, write the dialogue and choose the scenes.

Dvolver movie maker
-Students choose backgrounds and characters to make a short comic movie. Free

Make belief Comix
-Lets students choose characters, background and write the dialogue for the talk balloons.  Easy to use and they can email the results. Free

-Easy to use blog site that can be private or public. Free

-Easy to use blog site.  Free.


-A free word processing program that saves work online and allows you to share your stuff with others.  Free

Digital Storytelling
-A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents and videosand allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways.  Free

Introductions to Computer Programing

-An introduction to computer programing designed by M.I.T. for 4th/5th graders.  They can build games and stories. Free

-Developed by Carnegie Mellon to give children command over three-dimensional characters like the ones found in video games. Like Scratch, Alice focuses the children’s attention by giving them tiles with instructions that advance the plot of a story. With tiles like “jump” or “turn,” a student can tell a skater what to do. Free


Google SketchUp
-Powerful 3D modeling software that lets students create, modify and share 3D models. There are a lot of video tutorials to walk you through learning the program.  Tutorials. Free

Blender 3D

-Create three-dimensional images that can be animated.  Students can create working stories and simple games with its elaborately rendered 3-D worlds, just like the professional game designers and moviemakers who also use the tool.  Tutorials.  Free

Unreal development Kit
-Create terrain, in game cinematics, particle effects and cut scenes for your video game.  Import your character from Blender and you have a rockin' video game.

Audio Mixing/Podcasting

-Software for recording and editing songs.  Tutorials.


-Cheap program that allows students to practice math skills.

Vihart blog
-Short movies about the magic of math and science. Free

-Short videos about math concepts.  Free

Online classes and content

BBC Language Program
-Interactive language program with audio clips, videos and a whole lot more.  Many languages.  Free

Young Scholars
-Super cheap classes offered to high school student by CSU Dominguez Hills.  Student must meet GPA requirements. $3.50 a class

Youtube for Schools
-School appropriate videos for students on a wide variety of topics. Free

Educational Apps
-Educational apps reviewed by teachers who have used them.

Elementary Age students

-Interactive phonics program that teaches students to read.  Reads out loud to them.  Just enough to keep them interested, but not enough to distract them.

-interactive story building program for K-4 students

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