I've moved my website to https://mlammens.github.io/ This site will remain as an archive.

About Me - In Brief

I'm currently working with John Silander, and many others, as a post doc in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut. My current research focuses on examining trait by environment relationships of plant communities in the Cape Floristic Region (CFR) of South Africa, and the processes involved in assembly of these communities. Prior to this position, I carried out my Ph.D. research under the guidance of H. Resit Akcakaya in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook University. My dissertation research was mostly in the areas of population ecology and invasion biology. I also participated in several projects focused on conservation biology related questions. A common theme in my research is that I strive to develop analysis tools and techniques that help answer questions in ecology and conservation biology. I have focused on particularly challenging aspects of population modeling, including appropriately modeling biological processes such as density dependence and addressing the computational challenges of carrying-out global sensitivity analyses. Currently I am working on methods applied to community assembly and understanding trait by environment relationships. When not doing research, I like to spend time outside hiking, climbing, biking, etc., preferably with my wife.  

The Silander Lab (UConn)
At UConn I am in working most directly with John Silander. His lab is active in several research areas, but generally with the common theme of understanding plant ecology and evolution.

Parallel Evolutionary Radiations in Protea and Pelargonium in the Greater Cape Floristic Region (UConn)
Funding for my position is provided by a NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity grant to study plant evolution and ecology in the Greater Cape Floristic Region of South Africa. There are several concurring research projects associated with this grant, and more information can be found at our website.

The Akcakaya Lab (Stony Brook University)
At Stony Brook I was in H. Resit Akcakaya's Lab. Have a look at the lab website (Akcakaya Lab). In general, the Akcakaya lab works on developing and applying quantitative methods to address questions in conservation biology and ecological risk assessment. 

Contact Me
You can get in touch with me by email at matt.lammens-at-gmail.com.