Welcome to my web page! This website was created to share my research, art, photos, and ideas with others--both to laymen and other scientists alike. If you check out the navigation bar on the left, you'll find several pages which you may find interesting:
  • My "About Me" page will give you a brief idea about who I am, why I'm currently seeking a Master's in the biological sciences, and what my "mission" is in becoming a scientist.
  • If you check out my "Research" page, you'll find details about my current research projects and ideas. If you are a current undergrad at Texas A&M and are interested in helping with some super fun science, definitely read over that page! If you just want to read about snake and fish sex...well, that's a good place to go as well!
  • My most up-to-date CV is posted in the next page for those interested.
  • On my "Biological Illustration" page, you'll find a small sampling of my biological illustrations. I do take commissions, so look over that page if you need some drawings done!
  • "Notes from the Field" will serve as a sort of travel/field work blog (in some cases only updated after my travels, due to the often remote locations and limited internet access). Those interested in doing field work or in just finding out what exactly field biologists do on a day to day basis may find it helpful/enlightening.
  • And I feel that "Photos" and "Publications" is rather self explanatory.

And if you ever find any information lacking, or just want to get in touch, you can contact me at: