Fields of interest: Demography, Regional & Urban Economics, Microeconometrics

            My research interests are in spatial dynamics of socio-economic inequalities. I study how migration and residential location can shape the relative differences between groups coming from or living in different locations. My main research interest is in measuring how compositional changes related to migration drive observed aggregate trends.
            I initially worked at INEDAMSE, and Sciences Po where I taught Demographic Economics, before joining the Population Studies Center of the University of Pennsylvania to work on the migrant mortality advantage. I am currently holding the Excellence Research Chair in Population Sciences at the University of Bordeaux 
(Comptrasec, CNRS) and in the French National Institute for Demographic Research (INED). I am also affiliated with 

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Media coverage (in French): Les Echos (Aug. 13, 2017)
For an overview, read our related Vox column (Jan. 21, 2016)
About the dataset (EDP/Permanent Demographic Sample): read our review in Population (4/2015, Vol. 70, p. 867-870)

Univ. Bordeaux

Comptrasec UMR 5114 CNRS

16 avenue Léon Duguit CS 50057

33608 Pessac Cedex