Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE), CEA (Saclay)


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Who am I?


I am in charge of modeling the water cycle in conjunction with other cycles (carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus) with the LSM ORCHIDEE, in the framework of the European ERC Grant IMBALANCE-P project.
I am also involved in the CHINA-TREND-STREAM project in which we assess the trends in water resources due to climate change and human pressure in the giant rivers of China.

Research fields

  • Climate and continental hydrology modeling
  • Soil-vegetation-atmosphere interactions
  • Impact of climate change and human action (irrigation, land use change ...) on hydrology, agriculture and water resources
  • Evaluation of land surface models
  • Hydrology of the Amazon basin


The hydrology and the routing scheme in ORCHIDEE (land surface component of the IPSL-CM model)

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