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A journey from 2004 - today


In the beginning of 2018 I spent 2 months in Stockholm to help out on "Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom".

It was a mixture of R&D to create rotten flesh on a dinosaur sceleton, lookdev and shot lighting.

When I returend to Germany I got an offer to help building an animation pipeline for a smaller company and lead several animation projects. I was in charge of optimizing workflows, introducing some basic mel scripting, planning delivery dates, creating environments and setting up the key light setup. I also had the time to work several weeks with houdini and even did a mud simulation for some of the shots.

R&D on rotten flesh, lookdev and shotlighting


Between 2016 and 2017 I spent some more time working as a Lead Artist on "Babylon Berlin" at RISE Berlin, and a couple of weeks work on "Doctor Strange". Between film projects I sometimes worked with clients form advertising. Towards the end of 2017 I worked on "Thor Ragnarok" and "Jim Button" at Trixter Munich and Berlin. Once again I was working in the modelling, surfacing, lookdev and lighting department.

I had a few more days to redesign another shot and I did a concept, layout and sculpted the cave to fit the concept I did to match the perspective and the lighting of the filmed engine. I was not in charge of lighting or compositing.

Towards the end of 2017 I was asked to create some environments (caves) for "Jim Button" at Trixter Munich and later on Trixter Berlin. I had 2-3 weeks time to create a giant cave system to render over 15 lighting shots and the camera sometimes super close to the rocks in some areas.

personal work - sculpting of my third horse in Zbrush to practice organic sculpting

personal work - photogrammetry and cleanup in zbrush

Some lighting on Thor Ragnarok at Trixter Munich (Katana, Arnold)

Some more lighting for advertising (Maya, Vray)

Some more lighting for advertising (Maya, Vray)

I was the lookdev and lighting lead on Babylon Berlin for almost a year. Whenever there was some time, I also did modelling work on some of the oldtimers. (Houdini, Mantra, Maya, Nuke)


I went to Sydney for 1 1/2 years, working on "Mad Max", "Gods of Egypt", "Infini" and "Terminus".

Also worked on a game cinematic at Plastic Wax. From the end of 2015 I was working on "Captain America: Civil war" in Berlin.

and also helping with the redesign and modelling of these metallic wings.

From the end of 2015 I lived and worked in Berlin and worked on Captain America: Civil war at RISE. The team there was smaller back then and I had the chance to do several tasks. E.g lookdev of the shield, lots of lighting and some environment modelling

After spending christmas in Munich and one other small project at Trixter, I returend to Sydney in 2015 with a work visa to work with my former colleagues on "Gods of Egypt". For this shot I did the lighting and sculpted the skull.

I then joined plastic wax for a while to create a game cinematic. I was the Key Lighting artist and also did the compositing for some of my shots. E.g. this one. (3dsmax, Vray, Nuke)

After working on Infini for a couple of months, I joined Iloura Sydney to work on Mad Max. I was hired for lighting and lookdev and used Katana and Renderman for the first time. (Katana, Renderman)

Infini is an Australian indie movie. I was part of and later on leading a small team to get the most out of the shots.

I did the modelling, lookdev, lighting and compositing on this shot. (Maya, Mental Ray)


I left "das Werk" to learn more and get involved in bigger projects. I started working freelance.

modelling, lookdev, lighting, compositing for tv ad. I was the only 3D artist on this project at Trixter.

modelling, lookdev, lighting, compositing for tv ad. I was the only 3D artist on this project at Trixter.

personal artwork - 3D illustration

personal artwork - modelling, sculpting, rigging


During my time at das Werk I often worked on advertising projects and some film projects. I still did plenty of modelling for tv spots but also improved my lighting/rendering and compositing skills.

personal project - modelling, rigging

personal project - matchmoving, character animation, shading, lighting, compositing

personal artwork

personal artwork

personal study

personal study


shading, lighting, compositing


shading and lighting

All aspects

All aspects


I was doing a job training as an IT-specialist during the day and after work I continued with my 3D projects. Read a lot about rendering and shading and towards mid of 2008 I felt, that I might be able to do 3D for a living and do what I love to do as a job.

So I created a storyboard for my first Showreel and I built quite a lot of models for this reel and learned enough about Mental Ray to render everything in the end.

I worked every day on my first Showreel. Over one year, after work from 6pm to 12pm and rendered everything on my computer between 1am- 6pm.

When everything was finished, I applied for some companies in Munich and got the chance to start as an intern at "das Werk" in 2010.


It must have been around that time, that games used normal maps and lowpoly modelling was not good enough anymore. So I did some research and started to learn 3dsmax and highpoly modelling to bake normalmaps onto lowpoly models.

It was a whole new world. Modelling was easier after practicing a lot and the new tools 3dsmax 5 had to offer also helped me a lot.

It was the time when I heared about rendering and 3D Illustrations for the first time. And I had a new goal. Creating nice images from the models I created.


In 2004 and 2005 I already did a bunch of lowpoly game models and continued doing models for the game "Operation Flashpoint" and "Gothic II" working for 2 different MOD teams. I switched to a bit more comfortable 3D Software called "Milkshpape" and spent most of my time after shool with modelling and texturing. I got addicted to create something new and share it with other people.

I did and learned whatever was necessary to get results. And I also began to draw a bit to pre visualise what I wanted to archive.


I started to learn 3D to create assets for computer game modifications. Back then I used the nickname "B3liar".

Since I was already creating game levels from the year 2000, I was used to read through a bunch of english manuals and practiced a lot to get my first results. In 2004 I was 16 years old and with the modelling software I used back then, I was able to create vertex by vertex and connect the Vertexes to faces manually. There was no Symmetry tool or anything like that. So it was quite... basic. ;-)

This was also the time where we used to paint beauty textures for the models. Painting detail, lighting and shadow in Photoshop.

Good practice and I also got a rough idea how digital painting would work.