Hi there. I'm Matt Turk, and this is my webpage.

I'm an Assistant Professor at the School of Information Sciences at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and an Assistant Professor in the Astronomy department at UIUC.  I am the group leader of the Data Exploration Lab (DXL) at NCSA.

My astrophysical research interests are focused on the way the First Stars in the Universe formed, how they interacted with and transformed their environments, and how the fundamental mechanism by which stars form changed from that first generation to subsequent generations.  My interests in information and computational science are focused on understanding how information is generated, how individuals interact with it, and enabling deeper questions to be asked of data.  Ultimately, I aim to broaden the reach of software communities and collectives in science.

On this page, you can find information about me, a page about my astrophysical research and some pages linking to software I've been involved with.  In particular, I'm the project leader for yt, an analysis and visualization toolkit for adaptive mesh refinement data.  I'm also a member of the editorial boards for CiSE Magazine and JORS, involved in the SciPy Conference, an organizer for WSSSPE, and I'm committed to developing tools to empower computational scientists to understand their data.  In the Fall of 2015, I joined the board of directors of NumFOCUS.

You can find things I work on elsewhere on the web, at the ADS, at the yt site (and blog!), bitbucket, and the Enzo project.  I also have a G+ profile, where I am relatively active, and a twitter handle (@powersoffour).

Feel free to drop me a line at matthewturk@gmail.com.