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Matt's updates

March 14th 2015 marks the 8th anniversary of Matthew’s collapse and brain injury. 

Matt continues to do well in his therapies.   His therapist is pleased with his progress.   He is getting stronger and more confident.     We have started to work on his left leg.   He is doing really well in strengthening it.      Watch out if you stand in front of him.   hahaha

In August, Matt and his dad did the sermon at church.     Matt’s dad had told him when he was in the hospital, “Matt, right now you do the praying and I will do the preaching and when you get better, You do the preaching and I will do the praying.  Pastor Dave heard this at the time and decided it was time for Matt to share his heart with our congregation.  He did a great job and had them laughing several times.  He had some great advice for us.   You can listen to what Matt has to say at this link:   http://goodnewscommunitychurch.net/2014/08/matt-st-james-speaks/   

Jeff is a counselor that comes to see Matt every month and during a couple of the sessions they had quite the conversation.   It helps that the counselor is also a pastor.    During the sessions, Jeff had asked Matt what he would want to tell others about his condition.  Matt said “God healed me”.   Matt wanted everyone to know that “God is the only person that is Holy.  “Heaven is the only place I want to go”.

Matt continues to amaze and encourage us as parents with his love for the Lord. Though his short term memory is getting better and much of his long term memory is not real sharp, he continues to remember the scriptures that he has hidden in his heart. 

While working with one of his caregivers, Matt typed on the computer:

 “Dear Mom and Dad      I love you both  heaven is the only place I want to go, after I turn one hundred.   I love you both one hundred times more than I love myself.

In September, we had our 8th Annual Matt St.James 5k Run/walk.   Weather could not have been better!    We had another awesome t-shirt design this year!    “Giving up is Simply Not an Option” was printed on the shirts.   Our motto is “Never Give Up” so it really meant a lot to us.   Thank you to all who participated that made it such a great day!   Thank you to Jessica and the RWC cross country team for all your help!  Thank you to everyone else that helped too!  

We have a new race website!    I will post the race information, results, pictures and etc.    https://sites.google.com/site/mattstjames5krunwalk/home 

In December, Matt had his 30th birthday!   We had some friends over to celebrate. 

We want to thank all of you who have been praying for Matt and his family. We have really seen God do many things in our lives and the lives of those involved in Matt’s life.

In closing, I would like to encourage you to continue in God’s Word, for then you will be his disciple and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.


Aug 30 2014      Save the Date!!!!      We will have the 8th Annual Matt St.James 5k.

Aug 2014            Matt has been showing more movement in his left leg!!!!
                           showing improvement  working  with the  Physical therapist!!!

March 14 2014    Today is the 7 year anniversary  of  Matt's Cardiac Arrest.  He is still improving!!!   There is some things that were difficult for him a year ago is now easy! 

Sept 14  2013    The 7th Annual Matt St. James 5k Run/Walk!   Kids Fun Run
July 2013      Knows his Mummum (grandmother)  went home  to Heaven.
March 14 2013  Today is the 6th anniversary of Matt's collapse at RWC. Wow, how things can change in an instant. Matthew does continue to improve. Since Matt has come home from MCH in 2010, he is now able to sit up by himself for very short times, his torso is much stronger. His fine motor skills have improved greatly!  He knows what he likes and don't like.  Cognitively, he has come a long way!!  He pays very good attention at church. Our newest addition to Matt's equipment is a new Standing Frame!!! It is so good to see him standing tall!!   He continues the use of the Dynavox for speech. He loves to watch soccer! God is a very important part of Matt's life.
Feb 2013      Had his Botox injections
Dec  2012 :   Matt received his own Standing frame!!!  
                     Matt had his 28th birthday!!
 Oct 2012     Had his Botox injections
Sept 1 2012:  The 6th Annual Matt St.James 5k run walk was held.  The weather and turnout was awesome!   Thank You everyone that came out to show their support to Matt!
April 2012     We  were blessed with the use of a friends Standing Frame!  See photos!    Matt is standing up tall  :)
Mar 14 2012 

Matthew St.James

Update 2012



Five years ago, on March 14, 2007, our lives changed forever.     Our son, Matthew St.James, suffered a cardiac arrest resulting in a brain injury.   Wow!  How lives change so quickly. 


We thought it was time for an update to let you know how Matthew is doing.


In our last update, we reported that Matthew had left Monroe Community Hospital to come home.  He was able to go to St. Mary’s Brain Rehab Unit for 20 days.   While he was at St. Mary’s he was able to do therapies he was never given a chance to do at MCH.


At St.Mary’s, he was given the opportunity to be on a standing frame.  It was the first time he had been standing up in over 3years.    We are currently looking into the possibility of getting one to have here at home!   We need to find one that is best suited for him!  It would be so awesome and beneficial to see him standing upright again! 


 Matthew came home on July 26, 2010. We were followed home by the YNN news crew.   What an exciting day!   Thank you Jesus!!!!!


Matt is so much happier being home!!!  It gives us so much more meaningful family times with our family and the extended family. Now he gets daily interaction with his siblings. It is such a blessing to see him smiling and laughing!!  He keeps us laughing! Thank you everyone that helped make it possible!!!


He receives his therapy from Visiting Nurse Service (VNS).   He receives Occupational (OT), Physical (PT)  and Speech therapy on a weekly basis.   On Nov 4 2010, he had surgery to release the tendons in his right hand.  Prior to surgery his hand was tightly clenched.  It is still a challenge for him but at least he has more function in his hand. He was quite proud of himself that he was able to take off his splint. He can be mischievous!    He likes to play Uno and Yahtzee.   He loves Draw Fours and Wild Cards! He is so lucky at getting Yahtzees.


June 2011, with the help of his VNS speech therapist, Matt was able to get a new speech device called a “Dynavox”.   He can use it to better communicate with us.  His favorite is the family page.    He also enjoys playing Tic Tac Toe and other games.   He knows how to beat the device!   He is also very quick doing Math.  


The VNS PT has him sitting on the physical therapy table.  At first we really had to support him and he always was looking at the floor.   Now, he can sit with less support and is looking up smiling. He gets a good stretch with his Range of motion activities. He is gaining strength in his torso and neck muscles.  PT is keeping him flexible for mobility and to avoid contractures. He can be quite humorous during his PT time!  



We have continued to have the annual Matt St.James 5k race/walk.   We have had good turnouts.   The Rush-Henrietta Cross Country team has joined us the last 2 years.   Matthew was able to use his “Dynavox” to cheer on and thank the runners that came out to support him.   He really enjoyed the button “Run Forrest Run”!    Be sure to watch for information on this years run!!  It has been held on the  Roberts Wesleyan College cross country trails in August.  Come on out and see Matthew!!! This year will be the 6th Annual.   I will be posting the race info on “I am praying for Matt St. James” facebook group and on the www.matthewshope.org  website.   They will have the link to the registration page.  Matt’s friends, Jessica and Amanda, have been doing a great job directing the race!    The Roberts Wesleyan College and Churchville-Chili High School cross country teams also help.


He has been much healthier being home!   The only trips to the hospital were to get his feeding tube replaced.    We were also able to discontinue his pain meds.   He has much more awareness now! 


When Matt now speaks of home, he is speaking of Heaven.  He has such a big grin when he thinks of Heaven and being with God.  He understands he will be able to run again in heaven.


This past fall, we were able to acquire a new van.  He now has a 1999 Dodge Ram Conversion Van. We will be able go more places  now!!!  It is much more comfortable.  We had been having a lot of serious issues with our old 91 van.  



Bob’s thoughts


 I read Psalm 77 this morning and was thinking about Matt and this update. We  would like to thank all of you for your prayers for Matt and for us. We greatly appreciate all of you  so very much!!!!


     Psalm 77 is a Psalm of Asaph who finds comfort in times of trouble, as he takes his mind (thoughts) off of the circumstances at hand, which had been giving him sleepless nights and a restless spirit. He was so troubled that he could not speak!  Ever been there?  Many of us have or will be. We can learn a lot from his response, as he turned his thoughts from the problems that were overwhelming him to remembering and praising God. He asked many questions. “Has God forsaken me? Will he ever show his love or be kind to me again? Has God forgotten to be gracious? Has He in His anger withdrawn his compassion? “ Do you feel Asaph’s  grief?  Then he said “It is my grief that the right hand of the Most High has changed. He goes on in the next several verses    ( 11-20 ) to ponder and to rehearse in his mind and heart just a few of the wonderful things that God had done for His people. How God made known his strength to them and the nations around them.  He concludes the chapter by saying “And thy footprints may not be known. Thou didst lead Thy people like a flock, By the hand of Moses and Aaron.


  This chapter reminded me of a truth that I learned a long time ago, but continue to need to be reminded of. That is, that God knows our circumstances, as well as our futures.  For me, God has taken the grief (as we give it over to him ) away. As I focus my thoughts and prayers on Him, Trusting Him, seeking Him, (Jesus said come and follow Me )   because none of us know what God is doing in the grand scheme of things, how our lives touch others that we may never know or meet. Your prayers and support through these last several years have probably had much more impact on our lives than you will ever know.  For that we are ever grateful. We thank our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ upon every remembrance of you.


    In closing I would like to admonish you all, to continue in the faith, steadfast and immovable always abounding in His love. It is Him (Jesus) living in and through you that will give you peace that you cannot even begin to explain, as He directs your life to fulfill His purpose.






Nov & Dec     Thanksgiving and Christmas spent with family!!


Oct                   Matthew has a new van!!!!!  
Aug 27th         The 5th Annual Matt St.James 5k run/walk was held!      
                        We  hope everyone enjoyed it! 
                      Matt used  his  Dynavox to encourage  and thank the
                      runners and walkers as they passed him. 
                      Great job everyone!! 
                     Thank  you to Jessica and Amanda for doing the race for
                        us again!
                       Look under the Matt St.James 5k page for the results!
                      Matt continues to improve!!
July                  Be sure to check out his run/walk page.   The registration
                       form is on the bottom of the page under attachments
July 18             Matt received his very own DYNAVOX!!!!!!  He just loves his
                         family page!
May                 Matt did a trial on a communication device called  
                         "Dynavox"   He did really well on it!!         
Mar 14            It has been 4yrs since Matt's collapse.  Rejoicing that he has recovered as much as he has.   Still praying for more!   the original doctors didnt expect him to come out of the coma.                                      
Feb                 Matt is being more communicative!    Matt is much happier being home!
Jan                  We made it  through his recertification!!!   He gets to keep his   
                      24/7 care.
Jan                 Matt is getting his strength back in his hand from his surgery !
Jan                 pray that he gets approved for the TBI waiver program.
Jan 2011  Happy New Year
Nov                  hand is looking good, but will need hand therapy to go with it
Nov                  will be getting tendon release surgery in right hand
 Oct                  started going to Unity for  therapies!
Sept         working on ways for better communication.         
Sept 4         New PEG tube put in                                   
 Aug 28           4th Annual Matt St.James 5k race/walk  was held   Aug 28th!   We had great weather!   
                    Thank you everyone that came out to support Matthew!
Aug                Doctors appts have been very good!   Reductions in Meds!  More therapy to come!! Pray
                      insurance approves it!
                      Matt is getting better at sitting up by himself!
 July 26                   Matthew came home!!!!
July 14th        Matthew has been going  into the standing frame.     
 July  9               Matthew is doing really good at his therapies at 
                      St.Mary's     Please pray he gets to stay longer!
July 6            Matthew will be leaving  Monroe Community Hospital and getting admitted to St. Mary's
                    Brain Rehab unit for a week.   He will be coming home from St.Mary's . 
 July 1           adjusted discharge date
 June 28     
  discharge date
June  23    got botox injections
May 19     had  our nursing assessment,   Matt was approved for 24hr care!    Now we just need to get a discharge date!
Apr 11    had a great day at the Daniels 5k in Churchville.

Mar 9     Braces have come off from his tendon release surgery!
Feb 7      Matt went back to MCH and is doing
               very well!
Jan 28th  Matt went to Strong with kidney 
               stone pain.   It has been blasted. 
               Still recovering at Strong.
Jan 14,  Matt has a new splint for his hand.

Jan 11,  Matt is back at MCH.
Jan 4, Matt is currently at Strong with a UTI.
On Dec 28, Matt  had his  Tendon Release surgery on his knees and ankles.  Pray  he will heal quickly and be pain free.  Pray that they will stay straight.
Spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with family!!!!!
December 7th is Matthew's 25th Birthday!!!!!!!!!
OT dept is noticing a difference in Matt's hands!!!!  He is getting a new splint!!!!
Matt had a great day being with family for Thanksgiving!
Not sure if it is the Botox or not but he his able to move his thumb much better.   Working on  saying  "I love you" in sign language.
Matt had Botox injections in his arm to hopefully loosen up the contractures, but as yet not much change