Wedding, Marriage

General wedding terms 
혼인 Marriage 
혼배 marriage (a term used in the Catholic church)
결혼식 Wedding ceremony 
예식 wedding 
신랑  Groom 
신부  Bride
신부님  Catholic priest 
택일 choosing the date (택- to choose, 일- date in Hanja) 
예물 wedding gifts 
예복 formal dress/ wedding dress, wedding suit 
주례  moderator for the wedding 
사회  moderating speaker who lead the wedding preparation 
하객  guests to wedding 
가족, 친지 Family, relatives 
양가  both families (양  both, 가  family in Hanja) 
지인  acquaintances,  friends 
연주  musical performance 
축의금  congratulatory money 
촬영 photo shots
원판 original shots 
본식 actual wedding (본actual, basic, foundation in Hanja)
청첩장 wedding invitation card 
피로연 reception 
방명록 guest book 
신부대기실 bride room 
폐백 preparation of gifts and polite family greeting ceremony from brides’ family to groom’s family 
신혼 new marriage (신 means new in Hanja) 

Cathedral terms 
묵주반지 Catholic rings
가나혼인강좌 Pre-Cana class (marriage prep class)
혼인성사  a nuptial mass
혼배성사 a nuptial mass
성당  Cathedral 
본당 Church hall 
성수 holy water 
성가  holy songs (Mass songs) 
수녀님  Sister, nun 
세례증명서 Certificate of baptism 

Document terms 
가족관계증명서  Birth certificate
혼인관계증명서 Marriage certificate 
주민등록증 ID card (Korean social security card) 
증명하다 to certify, to prove 
등록하다 to register 
가족관계 증명서 Family Relationship Certificate (registry)
혼인관계 증명서 Marriage/Single Status Certificate
주민등록증 Korean identification card

Marriage terms
맞벌이 부부 working couple

courtesy of my future wife