Weather, Season

따뜻하다 warm
춥다 cold
덥다 hot
비가 오다 rain
눈이 오다 snow
맑다 sunny and clear
흐리다 cloudy
시원하다 cool and refreshing
선선하다 cool and refreshing
바람이 불다 windy
안개가 끼다 foggy
태풍이 불다 typhoon

날씨 weather
계절 seasons

봄 spring
여름 summer
가울 autumn, fall
겨울 winter

텍사스가 한국보다 더 덥지만 한국이 텍사스보다 더 습해요.
Texas is more hot than Korea but Korea is more humid than Texas.

존나 더워요 fucking hot

어제는 굉장히 더우면 오늘은 쌀쌀하고.
Yesterday was SOOO hot and today was really cool.
텍사스의 날씨는 예측불가능하기로 유명해.
Texas weather is famous for having unpredictable weather. (
텍사스 날씨는 정말 이상했어.
the weather in Texas has been a little crazy.

요즘 날씨 정말 좋았는데 it's been really nice recently but

오늘 비 오겠어 it'll probably rain today
비 오는데 나가지 마세요 since it's raining don't go out
비오는데 우산이 멊어... it's raining but I don't have an umbrella
어젠 비가와서 오늘은 조금 쌀쌀하지만 다시 더워질것 같아 yesterday it rained and today was a little chilly but i think it will be hot again
장마 rainy season
비 오는 날 싫어요 i hate rainy days

오늘 한국은 비가 정말 많이 퍼붓고 있어요. it's pouring down rain in Korea today
수업은 나쁜 날씨 때문에 취소되었어요 class was canceled because of bad weather
금방 그칠듯..  It seems like rain is going to stop soon.
오늘 비가 오겠어요 today it will rain (surprising)
밖에 나가니까 비가 오기 시작했어요. When we went out, it started to rain.
그제는 하루종일 비가 내렸지.) Two days ago it rained all day.

단풍 autumn colors

시원해요 cool weather
선선해요 cool weather

요즘 엄청 더워 really hot recently
오늘 날씨 장난 아니게 더워요 - it is seriously too hot today
오늘 진짜 덥지 않아? isn't it really hot today?

춥지 않아? aren't you cold?
추운 날씨를 좋아해요 I like cold weather
여름보다 겨울이 좋아요 i like winter better than summer

감기 조심해 it's cold so be careful
더위 조심해 it's hot so be careful

여름이 온듯?!! I think summer is already here.

어제 서울은 눈이 제법 많이 왔어요 yesterday there was a lot of snow in Seoul
눈이 오니까 정말 겨울이 온거 같아요 I'm glad that winter snow is here
이젠 겨울입니다 it's winter now
날씨가 추우니까 따뜻하게 입고 나가라. Since it’s cold, wear warm clothes when you go out.