TOPIK study, review material

Here is a great TOPIK study site. Consider his page the holy grail of TOPIK study sites. The author has done a lot of work in creating a very usable study resource and has done well to explain in laymen's terms exactly what the test is and why anyone should care.

To access previous TOPIK tests, first go to the TOPIK homepage, then:
click on 시험안내 on the left hand side of the window. From there,
click on 기출문제 on the right hand side of the window (icon is a manila folder)
There you can download previous tests and mp3 listening portions

or you can read Hanguk Drama's much more visually appealing step-by-step guide.

*Update: another great TOPIK blog has surfaced and is worth checking out

or you can do it the easy way ^^

I have gone through and compressed, zipped, and renamed a boatload of previous tests including beginner, intermediate, advanced, and business level TOPIK tests all with answer keys. All right here. Feel free to download and share. It's not the 2009 test but it'll get the job done for starters.

In related news, Here's a sample freebie Basic KLPT test. Short and sweet. What is the KLPT test you ask?

UPDATE 4/2012

CoreanBigSis has posted the 12th and 13th TOPIK tests (all four levels) for free. Check them out.