짝짝 짝짝~~ clap clap clap clap
쾅 a door clam
꼬끼오 cock-a- doodle-do
윙윙 buzz of a bee
째깍째깍 tick-tock of a clock
짹짹 tweet-tweet, the chirp of a bird
삐악삐악 peep peep of a chick
부글부글/보글보글 the bubbling of boiling water
지글지글 sizzle
왁자지껄/와글와글/시끌벅적 hubbub
헐레벌떡 hurly-burly of a hurrying, confused person
캉캉 멍멍 woof, bowwow of a dog
칙칙폭폭 choo choo, puff of a stream locomotive
빵빵 honk honk of a car
쿨쿨 snoring
새근새근 breathing of a sleeping baby
꿀꿀 oink oink of a pig
후두두 pitter-patter of rain
달그락 달그락 clackety-clack of doing the dishes or anything
엉엉 boo-hoo of a weeping man
냠냠 munch, yum yum
부릉부릉 vroom of a car
투덜투덜 mutter, mumble of person
뒹굴뒹굴 a rolling object, or a lazy man shifting his body on the floor
첨벙 splash of something falling into water
두근두근 the sound and feeling of throbbing heart
톡톡 tap tap
뚬바뚬바 acapella sound
개골개골 ribbit ribbit
따르릉 the sound that a phone makes when it rings

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