Hanja basics, 간단한 한자

변 part
정답 radical

漢字成語 : 한자성어 : Korean Proverbs in Hanja

漢字 : 한글 : English

外柔內剛 : 외유내강 (형이다) : Being gentle in appearance, but sturdy in spirit.
七顚八起 : 칠전팔기 : To fall down seven times and get up eight.
三寒四溫 : 삼한사온 (이다) : Three days cold and four days warm.
張三李四 : 장삼이사 : Three Jangs, Four Lees (lit.); Common people.
十中八九 : 십중팔구 : In nine cases out of ten; The great majority
馬耳東風 : 마이동풍 (이다) : The east wind in a horse’s ear; Utter indifference.
一口二言 : 일구이언 (하다) : A double-tongue.
八方美人 : 팔방미인 (이다) : A person who excels in everything.
竹馬故友 : 죽마고우 (이다) : My childhood friends.
父傳子傳 : 부전자전 (이다) : Like father, like son; The acorn never lands far from the tree.
一長一短 : 일장일단 (이 있다) : Merits and demerits.
言中有骨 : 언중유골 (이다) : Bone in a talk (lit.); More is meant than said.
有口無言 : 유구무언 (이다) : There are no words to say in excuse.
白衣民族 : 백의민족 : White-clad folk; the Korean people.
雪上加霜 : 설상가상 : Frost on top of the snow (lit.): To matters worse.
龍頭蛇尾 : 용두사미 (가 되다) : Dragon head, snake tail; Starts off with a bang and ends with a whimper.
群鷄一鶴 : 군계일학 (이다) : In many chickens, one crane (lit.); Stands out in the crowd.
天高馬肥 : 천고마비 (의 계절이다) : The sky is high and the horse is fat.
南男北女 : 남남북녀 : South for men, North for women. Ladies head south for good-looking guys. Young men head north for good-looking women.
一石二鳥 : 일석이조 (이다) : Kill two birds with one stone.
靑山流水 : 청산유수 (처림) : A running stream in a blue mountain (lit.); A fluent tongue.
百戰百勝 : 백전백승 (이다, 하다) : A hundred battles, a hundred victories; Winning every battle.
以心傳心 : 이심전심 (이다) : Speak heart to heart; Telepathy.
弱肉强食 : 약육강식 (이다) : The strong devour the weak; The law of the jungle.
同床異夢 : 동상이뭉 (이다) : In the same bed, but having different dreams.
人山人海 : 인사인해 (이다, 를 이루다) : Hordes of people.
年中無休 : 연중무휴 (이다) : Open year round.
門前成市 : 문전성시 (를 이루다) : Having a constant stream of callers.
三三五五 : 삼삼오오 : By two and threes; In groups.
博學多識 : 박학다식 (하다) : Broad learning and wide knowledge;Well-informed.
自手成家 : 자수성가 (하다) : To make their own fortune.
同苦同樂 : 동고동락 (하다) : Share the pains and pleasures of life with.
多多益善 : 다다익선 (이다) : The more, the better (merrier)
山川草木 : 산천초목 : Mother nature.
百聞不如一見 : 백문불여일견 (이다) : Hearing one hundred times is not like seeing once; Seeing is believing.
甘言利說 : 감언이설 (하다) : Flattery; Soft and seductive language.
天生緣分 : 천생연분 (이다) : A match made in heaven.
有名無實 : 유명무실 (하다) : In name only.
大器晩成 : 대기만성 (형이다) : Great talents mature late; Soon ripe, soon rotten.
千萬多幸 : 천만다행 (이다) : Being extremely fortunate.
內憂外患 : 내우외환 (이다) : Internal and external troubles.
東芬西走 : 동부서주 (하다) : Busy oneself about something.
語不成說 : 어불성설 (이다) : Lack of logic.

인 仁 benevolence (Confucius emphasized it very much)
의 義 justice (ex. 의리)
예 禮 courtesy (ex. 예절)
지 智 wisdom (ex. 지혜)
신 信 faith (ex. 신뢰)

동(東)쪽East- 흥인지문 興仁之門
서(西)쪽West- 돈의문 敦義門 (it was broken down in 1915)
남(南)쪽South- 숭례문 崇禮門
북(北)쪽North- 홍지문 弘智門
보신각(普信閣) (Its bell is struck at 00:00 on Jan 1st every year)

지 = 종이 paper

연소자 young people seats
?????? elder people seats

제 1탄! "I played phone tag."

자리에 없다 = 부재중(不在中)
不 - no (아닐 불)
在 - be ro exist (있을 재)
中 - on~ing (원래 뜻을 가운데 middle)

매튜 선생님 (지금) 자리에 안계십니다=매튜 선생님 지금 부재중이세요.

대화로보다는 책상 위에 '부재중' 카드로 놓여 있는 경우가 많아요.
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