Family, In-Laws

보살펴 주셔서 감사합니다 thanks for taking care of me

그녀는 어려운 말을  써요. She uses difficult language
저는 부모님과 같이 살고 있습니다. I'm living with my parents.

퇴직하다 - to be retired

부부 couple (husband wife)

항렬 family name sharing

저도 누나가 있었으면 좋겠어요 I wish I had an older sister
저도 형이 있었으면 좋겠어요 I wish I had an older brother

형이 두 명 있어요 I have two brothers
??? youngest brother
작은형 middle brother
큰형 oldest brother

독자 세요? are you an only child? (male)
외동딸 이세요? are you an only child? (female)

가족이 어떻게 되세요 how many people in your family
혛제가 몇 이에요? how many siblings do you have?
(집에서) 첫 째예요? are you the oldest?
나는 막내 예요 I am the youngest
형제자매가 어떻게 돼요? How many brothers and sisters do you have?
전 외동이에요. I’m an only child. I have a lot of cousins, though.

가족의 구성원은 몇명인가요? How many people are in your family?
당신은 몇명의 누나/요동생 혹은 남동생/형이 있습니까? How many brothers and sisters do you have?
조부모님이 계십니까? Do you have any grandparents?
맞다면 그들은 어디에 계십니까? If so, where do they live?

할아버지 = grandfather
할머니 = grandmother
아버지 = father
아빠 = Dad
어머니 = mother
엄마 = Mom
부모님 = parents
형 = older brother (if you're male)
오빠 = older brother (if you're female)
누나 = older sister (if you're male) 
언니 = older sister (if you're female)
남동생 = younger brother
여동생 = younger sister
아내 = wife
남편 = husband
아이 = kid
아이들 = kids
아들 = son
딸 = daughter

이란성 쌍둥이 fraternal twins
일란성 쌍둥이 identical twins

삼촌 (if he's not married)
큰아버지 (if he's married and older than your father)
작은아버지 (if he's married and younger than your father)
이모부 (if he married with a sister of my mother)
고모부 (if he married with a sister of my father)

숙모 (Generally)
큰어머니 (if she's 큰아버지's wife)
작은어머니 (if she's 작은아버지's wife)
이모 (if she's a sister of your mother)
고모 (if she's a sister of your father)

Niece, Nephew


사촌 형/누나/오빠/언니 (elder cousins)
사촌 동생 (younger cousin)
이종사촌 (if they are children of 이모)
고종사촌 (if they are children of 고모)

친척 오빠, 누나,
친척 동생

Brother's wife :
형수(for men addressing elder)
제수(for men addressing younger)
새언니(for women addressing elder)
올케(for women addressing younger)

Sister's husband :
매형(for men addressing elder)
매부(for men addressing younger)
형부(for women addressing elder)
제부(for women addressing younger)

Nephew's wife

Family in law

Husband's family

Father in law

Mother in law

Husband's elder brothers
아주버니(for addressing)

Husband's elder sisters
형님(for addressing)

Husband's brother's wife
형님(for addressing elder)
동서(for addressing younger)

Husband's younger siblings
도련님(for addressing unmarried younger brother)
아가씨(for addressing unmarried younger sister)

Wife's family

Father in law

Mother in law

Wife's brothers

Wife's sisters

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