Being sick, Hurt, Sad, Tired

불면증 insomnia

목이 따가워요 I have a sore throat

"My stomach hurts so I'm going to leave early today"
"Because my stomach hurts, I'm going to leave early"
"Since I have a stomachache, I'm leaving work early"
배가 아파서 조퇴하고 싶어요

자면서 얘기했어 you were talking when you slept
잠꼬대 sleeptalking
할머니가 꿈에 나왔어 I dreamt about grandma

잘 쉬고 잠 못자면 전화해 또 필요한 거 있으면 연락해 

처방 prescription

 너 삐졌어?? are you agitated / mad / angry / annoyed ?

거미에 물렸어요. I got a spider bite. 

어제밤 꿈에서 in last night's dream...

외롭지않아요 not lonely

졸려... sleepy...
집에 가서 쉬어요 go home and rest
피곤해 보여요 you look tired
힘들어 죽겠는데 so tired it's killing me 
오늘은 정말 피곤해서 쉴래요 I'm really tired today so I'm going to rest
조금 피곤해 보이네 you look a little tired
힙들지 않아? aren't you tired?  
피곤지 않아? aren't you sleepy?
힘들다 tiring/difficult
졸려 보여요. 어제 잠 못 잤어요 you look tired. did you not sleep well last night?
잘꺼예요 sleeping
지금 자고 있어? are you sleeping right now?
자려고 i'm going to sleep
잘라고 i'm going to sleep
참아 be patient
아 조금 졸리네요 ah~i'm a little bit sleepy now~
혼자 괜찮겠어? you'll be fine by yourself?
밤이 너무 늦었어요 it's so late at night
이젠 자야 겠어요. i'm going to bed now

감기엔 생강차가 쵝오! drink ginger tea if you're sick
"입어 쑨 약이 몸에도 좋다" if it tastes bad it's good for you
감기에 걸린 것 같아 seems like I caught a cold

몸살이 나다 body ache
열이 나다 fever
식욕이 없다 no appetite
두통있다 headache
기침을 하다 keep coughing
배탈이 나다 have to use the bathroom
배가 아프다 stomach ache (but not 복통)
목이 아프다 throat hurts
목이 아파요 my throat hurts
치통있다 tooth ache 
근육통 있어요? does your body ache (from working out too much)?
아프지마 don't be sick
몸조리 잘 하세요 please take good care of yourself

그냥 좌절할라구요 just frustrated

멀미 car sickness
시차 적음 jet lag

오늘 안 왔어? he/she didn't come today?
오늘 아프잖아 you know he/she is sick
바빠서 피곤해요 because I was busy I'm tired
바쁘고 피곤해요 I'm busy and tired
오늘은 안 돼요. 내일 만날래요? I can't make it today. how about tomorrow?

슬퍼. 그리고 울고 싶어.. I’m sad and I want to cry 
나 슬퍼요 얘기좀 들어줘요  I'm so sad, plz listen to my story

불쌍해 poor thing (sucks to be you)

오늘 컨디션어때? how are you today? 
뭐 필요 한 거 있어요?  do you need anything? 
기분 좀 나아 졌어요? are you feeling better? 
점점 좋아지고 있어요 it's getting better

잘 게요 i'm going to sleep now (going to bed now)
속 쓰려요 my stomach hurts (drunk)
배 아파 my stomach hurts (sick)

오바이트 쏠려요 i'm going to vomit
넘어올 것 같아요 i'm gunna hurl
토했어요 i just threw up
먹은 거 다 확인했어요 i just puked (반말)
창피해 so embarrassing 

감기 걸렸어요 i caught a cold
머리가 깨질 것 같아요 i have a splitting headache
머리 아파 i have a headache
너 이마가 왜 그래? what's wrong with your head?
다쳤어? are you hurt?
어디 아파요? where does it hurt? (lit)

무슨 일이야? what's wrong?
왜 그래요? what's wrong?

조심해 be careful