Apologies, Sorry

양보 compromise, yield, give in
배려 consideration

그때는 아주 심각한 문제였는데 back then it was a serious problem but now...

조금 늦을 것 같아요 seems like I'll be a little late

잠깐 갔다올께 BRB

대답하기 어려운 질문이예요. it's difficult to answer

한국어를 잘 못 해서 죄송해요. sorry that I can't speak Korean well

늦어서 미안합니다. 차가 많이 막혀서 늦었어요 sorry I'm late. because traffic was blocked I was late
요즘은 집에 인터넷이 없어서 많이 안 썼어요. recently my house has not had internet so I didn't write a lot.

정신이 좀 없어서 한국말로 보내기가 힘드네요. I hope you don't mind but sending in Korean is difficult for me

죄송 했지만 기분은 좋았지요~!!^^ sorry but i'm just so happy

오해 하지 마세요. don't get me wrong

5분만 기다려 줄래 would you wait just five minutes?
잠깐만! wait a minute

잊어 버렸어요 i forgot...
몰랐어요 I didn't know
제 발 저를 용서하세요 please forgive me
죄송합니다 i'm very sorry
미안해요 i'm sorry
미안 my bad

질문 많이 해서 죄송해요 sorry to ask so many questions

미안해 할 필요 없어 There's nothing to be sorry about (normal)
미안해 하실 필요 없어요 There's nothing to be sorry about (formal)
답장이 늦어서 미안해요 sorry for the late reply
답장이 늦어서 미안해 할 필요 없어 there's no need to be sorry for the late reply
시간 없어서 답장이 못해요. since I didn't have time, I couldn't reply
왜 답장이 없어요? why no reply?