Matthew Schmidt
Skype: matthew.schmidt
My professional website and portfolio

Welcome. This website is all about me, Matthew Schmidt. Some folks call me Matthew, but I prefer Matt. That banner picture above? I snapped that just down the street from my house when I was living in Hawaii.

Who am I? Instead of just copy and pasting some boring boilerplate, I thought I'd provide a few social media sites so you can see who I am as reflected there. 
According to my Facebook wall, I'm a vintage scooter enthusiast, a proud father, and a young scholar who is excited to be in the field of learning technologies. 
My LinkedIn profile lists me as an 
Assistant Professor of Instructional Design and Technology at the University of Cincinnati.
ResearchGate profile shows that I have a lot of publications uploaded that other people have looked at, and that I have a 9.5 RG score.
 http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ufPcJysAAAAJ&hl=en My Google Scholar Profile provides lots of information about publications, citations, indexes... oh, my!
 https://www.google.com/+MatthewSchmidtScholar My Google Plus page shows that I post a lot about my work and provide links to my blog, although I haven't been very active lately.

To summarize, I'm an assistant professor in the field of educational technology who is excited to be working on forward-thinking projects that embody learning theory using technological means so as to meaningfully impact education. I am interested in openness, open educational resources, and free/open source software in education. Through application of openness in my teaching and research, I endeavor to meaningfully impact learning by reducing barriers to learning, encouraging manipulation of teaching and learning materials to meet the needs of diverse learners, and promoting learning artifacts as a freely available common good.