Breeding Philosophy

Our breeding program consists of four main areas of focus: the mind, the gait, performance and durability. We pay attention to these things in our horses and their pedigrees.

We want a horse that is teachable, willing and enjoys doing what is asked. A horse with a good disposition that can handle pressure with energy and intelligence when needed is what we look for.

When moving cattle we often spend all day in the saddle. We look forward to an easy ride on a naturally gaited horse that can get out and travel. We want him to have enough speed to catch a cow and good legs under him so that he can handle that cow and have the stamina to still be going strong at the end of the day. The size of horse that we most prefer is 14.3 to 15.2 hands. We look for a nice hip and a lower tail set to help them get their feet up under them maintaining their balance in all types of terrain. We like our horses to cinch deep and have a good place for the saddle to fit.

Having seen other horses that have developed navicular disease, pulled tendons, windpuffs, etc., durability becomes an important focus in our breeding program. With the time and money invested to get a good one, we want our horses to last. We look for good feet and legs. We desire our horses to have good bone, a strong back and loin, short cannon bones and hocks built close to the ground. We prefer an open heel and a wide hoof.

We believe if the foundation is right it’s easy to build excellence. Our Danny Joe W bred stallions offer athletic, intelligent foundation genetics at its best.