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Last updated 1/24/2014.

Unpublished Papers:
with Orley Ashenfelter and Daniel Hosken (This paper was updated on 11/4/2013 only to replace mislabeled table references in the text.  No substantive changes were made.  Original version here)
Popular Press Coverage: Washington Post Wonkblog

with Carlos Dobkin and Nancy Nicosia, revised 8/23/2013, revisions requested by Journal of Public Economics

Did Robert Bork Understate the Competitive Impact of Mergers?  Evidence from Consummated Mergers
with  Orley Ashenfelter and Daniel Hosken, revisions requested by Journal of Law and Economics

Current Projects:
Conduct Change: An Empirical Evaluation of Competition in the Beer Industry from 2001-2011
with Nathan H. Miller 

Unintended Costs of Anti-Drug Policy: Evidence from Regulations Targeting Methamphetamine Precursors
with Justin Marion

Published or Accepted Papers:
The Price Effects of a Large Merger of Manufacturers: A Case Study of Maytag-Whirlpoolwith Orley Ashenfelter and Daniel Hosken,  American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 5(1) February 2013

Evidence on the Accuracy of Merger Simulations
 with Daniel Hosken, forthcoming at Review of Economics and Statistics 

More Evidence on the Performance of Merger Simulations, forthcoming, American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings

with Orley Ashenfelter, Daniel Hosken, and Michael Vita, forthcoming, International Journal of the Economics of Business

 with Giovanni Mastrobuoni, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 1(2) August, 2009

Generating Evidence to Guide Merger Enforcement
with Orley Ashenfelter and Daniel Hosken, Competition Policy International, Volume 5, No. 1, Spring 2009.

The Price Effects of Horizontal Mergers, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, June 2008