About Me

I am a behavioural ecologist drawn to the ‘rare’, the unknown, and especially the weird. To me, attempting to discover an organism's secrets is like an explorer embarking on a quest to discover new lands.

My interest in fauna and flora is broad, but I do have a strong interest in the little animals.  It's true I primarily focus on invertebrates, but I have a soft spot for frogs, the odd rhino and a childhood fondness of the hippopotamus.  

It's also true that I love playing and watching most types of sport, and enjoy a bit of social kick-around, less-than-pro-tennis and rogaining - which, at times, is exactly like exploring new lands i.e. having no idea where I am and having no idea where to go next. 

Lastly I am also a keen photographer, traveller and an avid consumer of Weetbix, Milo and spearmint milk, when I can find a supplier.