linux MCE mockups

These are purely idea's 


Left: main interface:

shows on: menu button/ midlebutton 

on the right is configuration, lights ect.

The left is media.

top left is progress, top right name of media file 

Left media menu:

From left to right:

Radio, padcast, tv guide ect.

 Video libary

Aduio libary

Tv (live)

removable media (not required)

Settings and configure menu +more:

from left:

Phone, (Voip) and or modem!!!

media management (raid ect)

instant messengering

lights and other environmental

games  console (see proposed features)

personal details (and settigns)

client managment

power down (system wide)

lock down (arm alarm)

Settings windows

not much to say....




Media browser

on the left is the text impute this uses dasher which allows for easy fast text input even with only Two buttons. given a giro mouse it is an amazing method for text input.

 Text imput for configuration:

agian uses dasher

video slot is for the explanation video.