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Cocking About on the Intarweb 

I do have other websites, but this one is really quick and easy to fiddle with when I just need to "put something out there" for a little while.

The "Fareham Shopping Centre" content is now on a page of its own.

If you came here from boingboing, it means Cory hasn't yet given the bB post about my Fareham stuff the "Violet Blue Treatment" that I've requested. (I'm not linking directly to Ms Blue's personal website here, as it tends towards the NSFW.)

Yes, at the time Cory wrote that post about little old me and my silly little escapade, I was delighted. Now, not so much.

At the time of writing, it's not clear who ordered / performed the Violet Blue Disappearance, or why. I mention Cory specifically, because he wrote the post that links to here - plus he seems to be their figurehead.

FWIW, I never had any objections to the plentiful availability of posts on boingboing about Cory's novel Little Brother, and I still think it's a cracking read.