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On this site you can find my CV and contact information and a link to a wiki I maintain, Analytic Summaries in Philosophy. Please visit my site on Academia.edu to view papers.  

Photo: Ben Hale

About me

Greetings. I am an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Michigan State University. My teaching and scholarship focus on normative ethical problems relating to moral education, well-being and virtue and environmental ethics and education. I am especially interested in the relationship between virtue, moral principles, and our good, and what that means for how we can learn to be or become good people, especially in our relationship to the natural environment. I am currently working on a project funded by the Spencer Foundation on environmental education linking character, democratic education and environmental virtue ethics. But I have also published work on the sense of self-worth and the importance of fostering self-esteem relative to other aims of education. My work has been published in journals like Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Environmental Values, Theory and Research in Education, Journal of Philosophy of Education, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics.