........Four Years Of Independent, Objective, Analytical, Resolute and Reliable Expression 2008 - 2011.........
THERE was a time when it was permissible to shut up because to speak out meant breaking the law. It was permissible to refuse to speak out because being silent meant you were a patriotic Zambian. It was permissible to have a narrow view of what went around, because having a broader view was tantamount to treason. That time blowing a trumpet meant the arrival of the King, a crying voice was a sign of happiness.

What is to be, when you cannot be? What is to be when you cannot let to be. Scratching the surface was a noble cause of proper journalism; because muckracking was an unforgiven sin. Today, its permissible to say what you want, but its not permissible to say what is true. Its permissible to recite already scripted words, because creating your own is a sign of being an enemy of the state. It is permissible....but....

Open up the pages and feed yourself with self criticism.We have:

- Media Tissues: solely meant for all critical nity-girtties of media verbatim
 - Fiction Risks: the power of imaginations that brings dreams into reality
- Drama Tasks: spoting life in demonstrations as never seen before, so creatively and lively
- Social Clap-trap: a look at the wonders of our daily lives that never be real
- I Write What I Like: take it or leave it. It wont bother me in anyway as long as long I write it, it better remain written.

MiRrOr On ThE wAlL

  • ObJeCtIvE
  • RaTiOnAl
  • TrUtH
  • HoNeSt
  • FaIr
  • BaLaNcE
  • CoUrAgE

Rules of Natural Justice

  • You cannot be a judge of your own case
  • Hear the other side

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