Matteo Picchio's Homepage

Welcome to my homepage! In this website you can find a collection of professional information, like my CV and research work.

I am currently Associate Professor in Economics at the Department of Economics and Social Sciences of Marche Polytechnic University.

My research interests are in the fields of Microeconometrics, Applied Economics, Labour Economics, Health Economics, and Economics of Education.

I am particularly interested in survival analysis, treatment evaluation, unemployment duration and future working life, gender inequalities, temporary employment, adult training, economics of education, and economics of ageing. I have a special interest in empirical research and I have accumulated a broad experience in the estimation of nonlinear models and in data handling and analysis, especially using Stata, Matlab, and TSP.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me.



Department of Economics and Social Sciences, Marche Polytechnic University
Piazzale Martelli 8
60121 Ancona, Italy

Research associate of Sherppa, Ghent University, Belgium

Research fellow of IZA, Bonn

GLO research fellow

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