The Aspen HDL's have been designed to achieve a level of transparency and attention to detail and in particular, create an extraordinary sense of presence to music beyond the reach of conventional wooden loudspeakers.
  • Jordan Eikona 2 full range drive unit for true high end fidelity
  • reinforced concrete baffle for unbeatable definition
  • mltl bass loading enables bass down to 30Hz
The Jordan Eikona 2 full range drive unit is a true high end wide bandwidth driver eliminating the need for multiple drivers with the inevitable crossover components and enabling a single point sound source for superior stereo imaging.

The extraordinary clarity of these loudspeakers has come about as a result of a radical rethink on the effect the enclosure has on sound quality.

In a loudspeaker system, the only thing that should move when reproducing a music signal is the cone. Loudspeaker enclosures have always been made out of wood for ease of manufacure. However, wood is a soft material and flexes under stress and is far from ideal. One only has to put a hand on the baffle and play a piece of music and one can feel copious amounts of resonance right up into the upper mid-range. That resonance will mean that the drive unit is also resonating in the opposite direction to the movement of the cone and will inevitably have an adverse effect on the loudspeakers ability to recreate the waveform accurately.

Having tried building all concrete enclosures with panels so thick they were completely inert, the effect of panel resonance on sound quality was negligible. Panel resonance does not directly influence the motion of the cone. Baffle resonance does.

The solution arrived at with this design is to build small concrete baffles heavily reinforced with 8 pieces of steel strategically applied in the concrete to provide as non resonant a platform for the driver as possible. The baffle is then bonded into a wooden enclosure and finished with wood veneer.

The baffle is 200mm long X 165mm wide X 28mm deep.

Aspen HDL enclosure details

The dimensions and alignment were calculated using Martin Kings Mathcad worksheet. Below is the simulated response graph

Dimensions:      88 cm height;     20 cm wide;     24 cm deep

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"I was gobsmacked. Best soundstage width I've ever heard, simply everywhere. And the scale is immense; the soundtrack to Braveheart shook my ribs and sounded quite awesome. The detail retrieval of things has to be heard. Every instruments timbre was so realistic; piano and strings were a true joy to hear. And the separation between instruments was a revelation.
Running the bass test, it seemed absurd to me that a four inch driver could go so low. No need for a sub. I love them".............Paul

"Amazing, the top is so clear and precise and the bass, sounds that were only hinted at or I've never heard just come from nowhere. I thought how low does this go? So I put on a CD of Bach's Toccata and Fugue, wow, just wow I've never heard organ like that outside of a church.
Have no worries about these speakers with a good valve amp it's a marriage made in heaven"..............Dave

"Wow wow wow I'm in love.
Been listening to these baby's all last night and most of today, over the moon with them.
I'm not that good at describing sound so bear with me.
The first thing I noticed was the bass it sounds so clean it's not boomy at all it sounds real 
if you get what I mean.
Soundstage is incredible its huge, height and width, it's seems strange but I can hear 'into'
the music, it seems layered especially on live albums, had Dire Straits Alchemy on last 
night and I couldn't believe it, another thing that hit me were cymbal sounds, the slightest 
touch I can hear perfectly it's as if I can tell how hard they're being struck.
Vocals are also incredible their here with me right in front of me as other sounds dance all
around, I don't know how you've done it Jon but these speakers are in another league"....Neil