The Travelling Man


 "Matt Drabble is a name that will 
one day be as widely recognized 
as Stephen King & Dean Koontz"
"If you're a fan of Stephen King's Needful Things then you have 
to get this book" 
Zombie Girl Shambling Blog

"The Traveling Man was probably one of the best horror books I have ever read... if you don't mind a good scare, this story is for you!" 
The Book Adventures of Emily 

"Its dark subject matter, creepy terrain, a highly developed and complex cast of characters, and a thundering crescendo all make for a spectacular novel of horror and suspense" 

The small desert town of Granton is a typical slow boiling pot of unfulfilled 
hopes and dreams. Every hard 
working day is much like any other 
here where little ever changes.

Sheriff Cassie Wheeler runs a tight ship in the tradition of her late father. There is 
little serious crime to trouble her department, save for thelocal miners' occasional
rowdiness after payday.

But Granton has its share of secrets hiding behind twitching curtains and small town folks often have the biggest of ambitions.

Now the long dusty road into town has brought with it a stranger. A man of elegance calling himself Gilbert Grange has arrived. He brings with him a bag full of dreams and a silver tongue of promise. He can give you whatever you desire, all you have to do is sign on the dotted line.

The residents of Granton are about to discover that dreams can come at a terrible price, and you should always be careful what you wish for.