The Montague Portrait

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"I am a huge fan of horror and suspense works, be they in writing or film and Drabble does not disappoint. It is a truly creepy story and I suggest that if you enjoy horror, that you also check out Drabble's other works - you'll love them!" 
Book Fidelity 

"Holy cow, Matt Drabble has done it again! Again & again he has provided his readers with exceptional content & books we cannot put down!" 
Devoted Mommy of Three (Blog) 

"It's no secret that I am a fan of Matt Drabble's books. His stories take me back to being a child and discovering my love for 
horror movies ...Matt is feeding my need for 
horror through the written word." 
Sage Adderley

"The Montague Portrait is incredibly attention-grabbing so that pages and time flew by with me barely noticing my surroundings. This novel will definitely delight horror fans" 
Readers Favorite
Hugo Montague was a man of boundless cruelty that lived on beyond his mortal days. The portrait that he commissioned has hung on many walls, but has always overseen tragedy and murder.

The painting was long thought 
destroyed in a fire, but now there 
are those desperate to find the 
portrait if it still exists

Travis Parker was an insurance investigator, but now he is a widower trapped within his own pain and broken promises. When he is approached by 
the mysterious Telfer Vargas to track 
down the portrait he reluctantly 
agrees to one last case.

Charlotte Goode has a long 
personal history with the painting 
and will let nothing stand in 
her way to avenge her family.

The race across Europe to find the painting soon becomes littered with 
death as dark supernatural 
forces converge and threaten to 
consume those foolish enough to look.