Grave Robbers

"awesome... a non-stop thrill ride... an absolute must-read"

"This is the first book of 
Matt Drabble's I have read and 
I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to read 
other books from him"
JBronder Book Reviews

"a good choice for readers who like their characters somewhere between somewhat smudged and outright dirty ...a hefty bit of action ...gorehounds will find themselves quite satisfied by the end of the book"

"If you're not a usual reader of zombie stories, check this one out as a way to ease you into the genre. Even if you're a hardcore reader of this sub genre - check it out for a story 
that doesn't fit the average formula
 for zombie stories."
Book Fidelity

DI Lucas Grant thought that he'd seen everything that Bayport had to offer. A grim town run by a crime lord with half the police in his pocket and no one willing to take a stand.

But now something new is happening, something that makes no sense. Bank robbers who won't stay down despite being shot multiple times, men returning from the dead to wreak havoc and death on his streets.

Bayport might be a crime ridden hellhole, but it is still his town and outsiders don't get to burn it down, not without a fight.
Saddled with a new partner he can't trust and forced into an uneasy alliance with the criminal who ruined his town Grant will finally have to make a stand.

Forced to fight against the darkness he will get answers and find those responsible, wherever the truth lies and however incredible it might be.