Gated III

"...full of thrills and horror fun ...for fans of thrillers, this is definitely a book you need to try out" 

"The ending is wicked good. What goes around comes around which may or may not be a good thing. Gated 3 is a must read!"

"I would recommend Gated III to anyone who wants an amazingly written horror novel! Overall I give Gated III five stars!" 
The Book Adventures of Emily

It was the chance of a lifetime for Avery Grant, the opportunity to run an election campaign for a candidate that seemed like the real deal.

Christian Tolanson has risen through the ranks of British politics. A man with a unique ability to inspire those around him to almost cult like levels of devotion. 

He has lived many lives down through the ages from his humble beginnings as a child preacher. But now his lifeforce is finally starting to fade and time is running out pushing him to desperate levels. A man consumed by his own destiny and ready to burn the world to get what he wants.

Avery will discover the path that many have walked before her and never returned from. A realisation that anything that seems too good to be true will likely get you killed.