Gated II

"Gated II: Ravenhill Academy is as good a suspense thriller as any written by the big name authors. Indeed, it could serve as the Indie Publishing Poster Child"

"If you read Gated & loved it, then I know you will enjoy this book. The ending leaves us with an opening for a third book which I'm sure is 
what you want!"
It has been 10 years since the events in the small picturesque town of Eden.
Lives were forever altered as two newcomers found the courage to peek behind the curtain and bring Tolan Christian's reign to a violent end as the town burned around them.
No-one was more affected than Sarah-Jane Mears. The once bubbly ball of good nature is now a shadow of the woman she once was.
After travelling the country to try and find a new home she has eventually settled in Northern England, taking a teaching
position at Ravenhill Academy an
exclusive private school.
But now there is a new student who has just transfered. A young American boy who is strangely familiar and oddly charasmatic.
And as the school breaks for the Christmas holidays the harsh winter weather has cut them off from the outside world.
Sarah is starting to learn that Ravenhill is an old building seemingly with a life and an energy of its own that is slowly stirring.
She is going to realise that not all lessons are learnt in the classroom and
that some secrets won't stay buried.