Rapture Falls

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 Baine is a mystery even to himself, a man with unexplained abilities and no 
past, when he awakes he knows only two things; his business is death 
and business is good. 

The delicate balance of his world is shattered as he finds himself a pawn torn between exiled warring archangels on earth fighting for Metatron's Cube, a holy artefact that holds God's secrets of creation. Ancient angelic factions, The Grigori and the 11th Order headed by Lucifer and Gabriel threaten the very existence of our world and Baine soon discovers that he alone is the key. As the centuries pass, Gabriel and Lucifer struggle to maintain their iron willed control over their respective orders whilst attempting to fight against the invading tide of human emotions that threaten their angelic serenity. 

Thrust into a war that has raged since the dawn of time, Baine finds himself fighting for his life and his freedom, but he must first understand his past before daring to dream of a future, 

As the war rages, carnage ensues and the bodies mount, a dangerous man without emotion or conscience must choose; between wielding the infinite power for his own gain or else finding the humanity within himself to save us all.