Asylum III

The third installment of 
the multi award winning 
horror anthology series

"Around and around we go from twisted story to another, ramping up the tension until it all comes crashing down upon our heads. If you love horror stories too you need to check this book out" JBRONDERBOOKREVIEWS

"Matt Drabble hits another one out of the park! Drabble is the master of his genre, that being the genre of horror.These gritty, edge-of-your-seat thrillers are rich in terror, featuring beautifully textured character development and a melodic flow of verbiage that approaches poetry. Go grab this book and read it, post haste!" 

"Well written and intriguing. 
For horror fans...this book is for you!" 

It begins with an enticing 
invitation,a private preview
for the first guaranteed haunted house tourist attraction.

Skeptical minds brought together
in a building steeped in a bloody history, all with their own dark secrets to protect.

It had been a long time since this building was a private hospital and housed the most dangerous and deranged minds. Now it has a new owner and a new purpose.

It is a house that feeds on
darkness and only attracts the
very worst in humanity.

Stone floors and walls that have witnessed the brutality of man and has blood seeped into its very foundations.

The doors are open and the rooms
are ready to receive its first guests and their darkest secrets, welcome
to Crowtree Manor.