Asylum II

The sequel to the Multi Award Winning "Asylum - 13 Tales of Terror"

"Matt Drabble once again brings forth a fantastic collection of short tales. If you are not yet familiar with this excellent writer, I suggest you look into his catalogue immediately. The talent is a beauty to behold, infectious and engaging" 

"A perfect read for Halloween... 
A riveting and unmissable anthology" 

"Matt Drabble doesn't disappoint when it comes to horror... Any horror fan will want to take the time out to read this book... Unrelenting suspense"  

"The stories are gruesome, terrifying, and intelligent... This is a great horror book" ENTHRALLING DIMPLE

"If you haven't read Asylum, stop what you are doing right this minute and do yourself a favor by purchasing this horror book" 

Welcome back to Blackwater Heights, it's time to take another tour.

After a breakout and a devastating fire, the private hospital is finally refurbished and opening its doors for business again.

But the evil that has blighted this place runs deeper than the concrete foundations. Its very nature attracts darkness and now another storm is brewing.

Some of the most disturbed minds sit within the padded walls of Blackwater Heights. Each has a tale to tell and each is more shocking than the last.

Dr Hilary Meeker is about to take up her position on the staff. An ambitious woman looking to make her mark and climb the professional ladder with little regard to those she steps upon.

Dr Elgon Perrin runs the hospital, an unusual man with a unique style. But is he all that he seems? Are his methods too extreme? And is he more dangerous than the inmates that he stands guard over.