After Darkness Falls

"Matt Drabble has come out with another winner. Ten terrifying tales guaranteed to make you shudder, 5/5" 

"Guaranteed to keep you awake at night, while fully entertaining you during daylight hours. 
Matt's horror tales have a certain undefinable "something" that 
just makes them stand out in 
any crowd of horror tales"
From the author of "Asylum - 13 Tales of Terror" an Amazon Horror/Anthology Chart #1 comes a new horror anthology, 10 full length (around 6,000 words per tale) short stories of terror and the macabre. 

From the painted faces of a child's nightmare to discovering what we really put in our bodies
in the name of health.
Here are 10 new tales to read
with the light on.

TALE #1 - "Roll up, Roll up"

TALE #2 - "Late Shift"

TALE #3 - "You call that music?"

TALE #4 - "Whose face is
this anyway?"

TALE #5 - "Pink Bow"

TALE #6 - "Careful what you wish for"

TALE #7 - "Recycling can be
hazardous to your health"

TALE #8 - "Mommy's little soldier"

TALE #9 - "Trick or Treat"

TALE #10 - "You are what you eat"