Abra-Cadaver (FREE)

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2015 Kindle Book Review Finalist 
2016 Book Excellence Award
  2017 Readers Favorite Silver Medal 

"The story is dark with many twists 
and turns which keep you glued 
to the mystery"

"I was completely blown away by his mastery of mystery & suspense. The homicides were so deliciously imaginative that they'd give 'Saw' a run for its money"
devoted mommy of 3 blog

"A suspenseful, on the edge of your seat, thrill ride"  


Tommy, Dixon, McEwen, PJ, and Alison were always a close knit group until Tommy’s 12th birthday party. Tragedy strikes when a magic trick goes horribly wrong and a woman lays dead.

A local magician Albert Trotter
is railroaded during a rigged
trial and locked away.
Forever protesting
his innocence and after a
vicious assault in prison,
 he is eventually sent to a 
mental institution in a 
catatonic state. 

Now Tommy is 36 and
heading home for the first time
in over two decades,
but he’s not alone.

Someone is slaughtering the
residents of Denver Mills with
magic trick themed murders
and holding those involved with
the Trotter trial in a steely
grip of fear.

Tommy will have to find the
strength to bring his old friends 
together as secrets and lies are 
exposed throughout the small
town of Denver Mills.
Something evil is coming home,
and they’re bringing a whole
new bag of tricks

"It's been a long time since I read a horror story that made me jitterybound4escape.com

"If you judge horror books based on how freaked out you are after reading it while you are lying in bed after you turn off the light - this book gets a five star rating!"