Ray frame gif

This is a programmable LED array housed inside a picture frame.

A lighting installation for events and demonstrations. It can run a set of sequences programmed onto a SD card or be controlled in real time from another computer over a wifi connection. The unit is mobile, free standing and low voltage.

Techie bit....

I was inspired by the raspberry pi computer to make a project that could make use of it's GPIO interface and the result is a lighting prop that can be controlled in real-time. How it works is taking LED information from an app called Glediator which runs in JAVA on an external machine, in my case a macbook. The lighting patterns are generated and then sent over wifi to the raspberry pi which is hooked up to an old wireless router running a dedicated network protocol called ARTNET DMX. This is a standard for telling when are where to change a lights settings and is featured in concerts and other such live events. OLA created a flavor of the raspberry operating system which once booted can be accessed over the network without any further scripting. Simply log on and create a dmx universe into which your lights are arranged (x,y) and the type of chipsets and other variables can be modified externally using a standard web browser.