This piece is fusion of art and science and carries a strong environmental message.

I had been collecting spent nitrous oxide canisters that i found littered at festivals and felt that they had much more to offer than a 5 minute blast or a slightly more exotic foodstuff. The inspiration to use magnets to keep them attached to a metal platter i'd also found at a flea market came from fridge magnets. Without knowing they have magnets attached it can be quite beguiling to work how how they manage to stay upright.

From this simple fusion, an interactive kinetic sculpture was born. The shape of the casings mean that specific patterns are possible but why stop here, there are many decorative and functional designs that can be created when we look at these things differently. I hope that rather than being just a singular piece of art that cosa nostra provokes thoughts and responses to modern consumer waste and its potential to be reused creatively.