Beatquest was a dance track I co-wrote and arranged with Gene Serene, it featured on her first e.p. on DaDa disks.

Dedicated to the cultural consumers of the music scene, the lyrics capture the feeling for experiencing a sound for the first time and wanting more. As a DJ it happens when you drop a new tune and people be like 'WOW! this is great, where can i get it?!' The end product is derived from filtering the classic sounds that got me hooked onto Djing (big synth sounds and rolling beats!) and adds a vintage twist.

Gene's deft vocal harmonies gave us an arrangement that fuses elements of jazz, indie-punk and electronica. the e.p. has 3 other artists tracks too. The poster campaign featured the chorus line and nothing else. It's apparent lack of commercial branding is designed to elude the would be consumer to go on their own quest to find out more about what is for sale, it would end when they found the e.p. at rough trade or other credible outlet. Oddly the poster became a street art collectible and even found its way onto the set of a soap.

I do have some copies left if you interested then do contact me.